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WEB Series

Winner of the MinTIC 2021 Comedy call.

It narrates the drama of Juan Pablo Quiñonez for having to have a vasectomy

The stories are mostly related to characters, facts and historical events from the department of Santander in Colombia, staged with universal dramatic structures. 

The trial of the count.jpg
The Count's trial

TV series. 8 chapters

1st place in the ANTV 2019 Call, nominated for Best Series and Best Actor in awards  India Catalina.


Story of the eccentric Santander landowner José María Rueda who must prove that he was crazy to appeal to his assets. 


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All of our company's productions have been winning projects in regional and national public calls for film and television.


The series El Juicio del Conde obtained 1st place in the National Television Authority ANTV 2019 Call for Independent Production Companies, and was nominated for two Indias Catalina 2021 awards.

Vista previa de la película
Pienta, the ant and the colonel
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Short film

Winning project of the 2011 Bicentennial Scholarship

duration 20 minutes

final poster.jpg
My Black

WEB mini series

Winner of the SmartFilms 2020 Contest narrates the inner conflict of a child because he thinks that the gift he chose for his mother is little compared to those of his classmates

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the pienta series.jpg
Pienta, the resistance that saved Bolívar

TV mini series

Epic series that tells the causes, development and consequences of the Battle of Pienta in Santander, when the citizens prevented with their lives the passage of the army that was going to Boyacá

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Several of these products have obtained recognitions such as 1st place in the Bicentennial Scholarship for Artistic Creation, Short Fiction category 2011, for the project Pienta, la ant y el colonel, which was awarded by the Government of Santander

The charm
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TV series

History based on myths and legends of Colombia and the world

10 chapters of 28 minutes each

Public TV Colombia

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